Theralux's Essential Earth Minerals is a unique blend of naturally occurring minerals, rich in magnesium that when added to a pool or spa enhances water quality and provides health and wellbeing benefits to the bather.

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Magnesium as a Pain Reliever

Why use Magnesium?

In a world obsessed with patenting new medicines, we tend to lose sight of highly effective remedies that are readily available and cost next to nothing. Magnesium is undoubtedly a case in point. It is easy to source magnesium in our natural environment, and science has proven its remarkable efficacy as a pain reliever. What’s more, clinical evidence suggests that mild magnesium deficiency is widespread in humans. We need magnesium for optimal health, and many of us do not have enough of it in our body.

How does magnesium work?

It works in a very simple way: by relaxing you. To be precise, magnesium can be found on the synapses between neurons, where they act like a guard against elements like calcium and glutamate that excite neurotransmitters in our central nervous system. If we do not have enough magnesium in our body, we are more vulnerable to toxic stress that can actually damage the neurons, causing permanent damage. Magnesium also has the ability to slow down the release of ACTH, which is the hormone that directs your adrenal glands to produce adrenaline and cortisol. When you are experiencing stress, you’ll know that your heart starts beating more rapidly and your skin flushes. Your body is speeding up so that you can protect yourself from danger. However, in the modern world we are rarely in a situation where we have to run away from predators to protect our lives. The things that cause us stress and anxiety are more likely to be long-term and difficult to remove from our lives, like a demanding boss or worries about our finances. We cannot afford to flood our bodies with adrenaline day in and night out. Eventually we feel depleted and depressed. 


Magnesium is one of the safest, most effective ways to reduce chronic stress.

How do naturally increase my bodies magnesium levels?

You do not need to ingest magnesium to enjoy its health benefits. Magnesium can be absorbed naturally through the skin. Immersing yourself in a relaxing mineral pool can help replenish your magnesium levels and reduce stress. When the body is under less strain, we also experience a significant reduction in pain. Magnesium is so effective as a pain reliever that some doctors use it in the emergency room. Combine the absorption of magnesium with a relaxing swim in a sparkling clean, clear odourless mineral pool, and you have one of the best recipes for natural relief from anxiety and pain.

Theralux mineral pools brings the pain and stress relieving advantages of magnesium right into your home. Immersing yourself in our specially formulated, magnesium-rich mineral water is one of the best ways to deal with pain – from a headache to chronic conditions like fibromyalgia. A Theralux mineral pool, with its unique blend of nourishing minerals, is probably the simplest, most relaxing and enjoyable way to experience the remarkable curative properties of magnesium.

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Have you considered the water you want to swim in?

Combining advanced filtration technology with a mineral enhanced additive, Theralux will provide the healthiest and safest swimming environment for your family. Here are the reasons why you should choose a Theralux pool:

1. Soft and natural feel

Unlike typical pool water, which contains chlorine and other chemicals, Theralux uses an innovative filtration and mineral sanitation system to keep your pool clean. In turn, this creates water that feels soft and natural. Although this is a plus for all swimmers, it can be particularly good for children with special needs who are sensitive to touch.

2. Moisturises your skin as you swim

While many pools can dry out your skin, a Theralux pool actually moisturises it. As the water is filled with natural emollients, it softens and hydrates your skin as you swim; an especially useful property for those with eczema. 

3. Gentle on sensitive skin

Sensitive skin and conditions like eczema and dermatitis are common problems for children. For these kids, swimming in chlorinated and chemicalised pools can further irritate their skin, causing dryness and itching. Thankfully, a Theralux pool can provide the ideal solution. As Theralux water is gentle on sensitive skin, it allows kids with skin conditions to swim, splash and play without concern.

4. Provides a natural relief to muscular complaints and relaxes your nervous system

Swimming in a Theralux pool is not only fun but also relaxing. Thanks to its minerals, a Theralux pool can provide natural relief to muscular aches and pains while also soothing your nervous system. All you need to do is jump in and let your pores get to work absorbing that goodness.

5. Eco-intelligent and easy to use technology

Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the Theralux system has been designed to be incredibly eco-intelligent. Its unique, energy efficient design includes an eco-mode and eight-star energy rated equipment. And, it’s also water efficient, reducing the frequency of backwashing and allowing you to top up less. 

Oh, and did we mention the technology is super easy to use? What a relief.

6. Super low running costs

It’s no secret that pools can cost a bit of money. So, if you can save some with low running costs, it’s always a plus. As well as the energy and water efficient design, the Theralux system also reduces the need for expensive speciality chemicals like clarifiers and algaecides.

7. Offers the flexibility of running the system with or without a mineral additive

While for many, part of Theralux’s appeal is its mineral enhanced additive, you do have the flexibility to run the filtration system without it. So, you’re in complete control of your pool.


While water may be more fun to swim in than think about, it’s undoubtedly an important consideration for every pool owner. For water that’s safe, soft and perfect for sensitive skin, consider a Theralux system.


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