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We offer a pool cleaning and maintenance service either on an adhoc basis or as a regular and routine service. By maintaining your pool properly you’ll have optimum swimming conditions year-round with no downtime. We can turn a murky green pool into a crystal-clear backyard oasis by ensuring that your pool has the correct chemical levels to kill off any water-borne bacteria which could be harmful for your family. Every regular customer gets a FREE water polish added to their pool.

How We Can Help?

Pool Maintenance

Weather your after a one off clean, or on a schedule. We keep your pool looking amazing all year round

Using treatment tailored to the reason you pool has turned green. We can have it back to the sparkling oasis it should be

As a partnered installer, we assist our clients with correctly sizing, installation, testing, commissioning, handover, servicing and much more.

Filtration Equipment

Using only quality products to work with your budget. We supply and install what is required to keep the pool in great shape.

With a range to suit most budgets, we have a cleaner to automatically clean your pool.

Pool Safety Inspections

Coming Soon

We can customise a service to suit you needs and budget

How ever you like

Green Pool Recovery

Custom Treatment

Each green pool recovery is different. That’s why we tailor the recovery process to suit. We ca clear any stains too.

Guaranteed Results

We don’t quit until the job is done.

We Find Out Why

There are many reasons why a pool can turn green. We will get the bottom of the problem.


Sensor Nav System™ maps your pool to optimise cleaning path

Suction efficiency with patented continuous cyclonic suction power

Control and monitor cleaning progress using intuitive iAquaLink™ app

Transparent canister window with LED illumination

Patented Elevate/Lift System™ makes for easy pool removal



Plug & Play operation

Floor & Wall cleaning

Effortless handling with lightweight body (5.5kg)

16.5m floating cable and suitable for 10x5m pool

Transport & storage caddy


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